Cheese making
During the Spring months when our sheep's milk production allows us, we produce sheep's cheese for our own home consumption, using traditional home made methods. We try to involve the children as much as possible in a practical way, in discovering the various procedures such as milking, and traditional methods of making local cheeses (caciotta di pecorino) and ricotta, with natural rennet (preso).

Organic farming
This is probably the largest area since there are many topics to be explored with different possible in depth approaches: from agronomical techniques to existing legislation, from horticulture to the using of moon phases, from animal farming to bio dynamic agriculture, from the seed bed to controls and certification.

We have found that an introductory lesson in the classroom proves helpful. This enables us to get to know one another and prepares the students who than feel more sure of themselves and seem to be able to concentrate better during the actual field trip.

We can host up to a maximum of 45 students, at a cost that varies from 5 to 7 euros per person which includes a farm produce snack or a small gift to take home.

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