Our geographical position offers many advantages:

Pergola is a small town famous for the discovery of Roman bronze statues, and our guests are entitled to a discount on the museum entrance fee. There is also an important archaeological site in our valley, the ancient city of Suasa.

Mount Catria (1701m above sea level), with the possibility to go on long treks and the Hermitage of Fonte Avellana (900 A.D.) with its Camaldolite Monks, are about 10km from the farm.
The impressive Frassassi caves are only 25km away.
The Adriatic coast with its well known tourist beaches in the resorts of Marotta, Fano and Senigallia are about 40km away.
Just an hour’s drive and you’ll find the medieval towns of Gubbio, Urbino, Mondavio and Corinaldo.
We also offer our guests the chance to experience all the farm school itineraries usually only available for school students:
The woodland itinerary with its clearings and the lake, which are key elements for recreational activity in close contact with nature.
Native trees and bushes are seen in relation to their natural environment and climate–living in a community of other plants and animals. They have been identified on special paths.
The opportunity to participate in organic farming and gardening, sheep’s cheese making, farm animal breeding and forestry are all activities open to our guests and we are more than happy to share our experience and knowledge with them.

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