In keeping with our philosophy to live in harmony with the environment, we decided to open a moderate accommodation service which would increment our income from natural farming and yet in no way interfere with it!
The main aim of our farmhouse hospitality is to offer the possibility to have a really restful, relaxing and healthy holiday in a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere, with beautiful views and several itineraries inviting long walks completely immersed in nature. By choice we do not offer meals. On the other hand, we do offer total independence in 2 SEPARATE APPARTMENTS and the chance for those choosing the FARM CAMP SITE to prepare their own meals in a large room with equipped kitchen. It is however possible, on request, to take part in our family breakfast and snacks and taste some of our products.
We can speak European languages such as German, English and French and this favours the possibility to host foreign guests who wish to enjoy an alternative holiday of an ecological, environmentally sound nature.

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